Cutting-edge techniques and
time-honoured traditions

The Antica Macelleria Falorni’s facility covers a surface area of 2000 square metres, set among the rolling hills of Greve in Chianti.
This is where our cold cuts are created and slowly aged. This is where the best cuts of meat are processed before being shipped in Italy and abroad. The manufacturing unit is equipped with an advanced management system for traceability, which is able to identify each individual stage of the process.

This is where we work day after day, following our recipe for quality: artisanal expertise passed down some 9 generations; cutting-edge production systems; major investments in planning, development and food safety.

This lets us offer our customers unique-tasting, genuine artisanal products, while at the same time ensuring efficiency in manufacturing and distribution, as well as supply-chain monitoring and the total safety of the finished product.

We respect the region we love: the newer areas of the factory have been designed with special attention to eco-sustainability and energy recovery: we produce energy and heat and reuse it without dispersing it in the environment.

The plant is divided into different areas for cutting, stuffing, salting and ageing, packaging of fresh and processed meats, departments for cooked and roast meats, sauces and mixed herbs and spices. Every product line, from salamis to fresh meat, follows a selection and processing procedure which is aimed at guaranteeing the greatest quality, while respecting the time needed for processing, curing and ageing.

Selection of raw ingredients

For our cold cuts we select nothing but the best cuts of fresh Italian pork.
Fresh meat sold to resellers and premium retailers includes premium quality poultry, beef, pork and lamb.
In addition to Chianina beef, which has always been the “jewel in our crown”, we select other fine cattle breeds, both Italian and international.

Our master butchers

Staying true to the artisan tradition handed down the generations, even today our master butches hand-process our meats, and trim cuts using knives only to prepare cured meats, maintaining intact that quality for which we have been known for more than 200 years.

Artisan expertise and unique flavours

We hand-tie all our salamis and sausages, using natural raw ingredients that help bring out their full flavours and aromas, and preserve them over time. All of our cold cuts are cured by respecting the natural ageing times of the various meats, instead making use of the features of Chianti’s own special micro-climate.

Cooked meats and roasts, as tasty as home-made

Our cooked meats and roasts are made from the best cuts of pork, which are seasoned and cooked in our ovens with all of the slowness and care needed to keep them tender and mouthwatering.

Our age-old recipes

Wild boar sauce, tender beef sauce and Tuscan crostini paté are slow-cooked, and made to centuries-old recipes in impeccably sterilized facilities to guarantee absolute hygiene and quality.

Herbs and spices are sourced from local farms, before being dried and prepared just so, to bring out the flavour of our meats.

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