An experience to savour

Antica Macelleria Falorni is much more than just a store – it is a world of traditions and tastes just waiting to be discovered, steeped in the history and beauty of the famous square of Greve in Chianti. It is a vintage jewel that has preserved all its centuries-old history, almost a small museum that bears witness to a past rooted in the butcher’s trade.

Already ‘antica’ as far back as in the late 1800s, today the store continues to keep an ‘ancient bottega’ atmosphere alive in every room, with its white marble counters, wooden shelves, antique slicers and original utensils bearing the signs of the business of the past. The permeating fragrance of cured meats and the warm colours of the prosciutti hanging from the ceiling complete the sensory experience. Expanded gradually through the years, today the store covers an area of 300m², divided into different areas offering a full selection of genuine products and wholesome flavours.

The butcher’s shop is now an open space, versatile, unique in its kind – an interpretation of the Tuscan tradition in a contemporary key, with the same quality that has distinguished the Falorni brand since 1806

The butcher’s counter:
where it all began…

We select the finest choice meat from trusted suppliers, tracing it scrupulously through every stage of the production chain.

Our master butchers, heirs of the ancient art, can help you choose from our wide assortment the perfect cut for the dish you want to prepare.

Every day we prepare the classics of tradition, ready to be cooked, from meat loaf to roasts, from kebabs to breaded cuts, roulades and stuffed meat.

…And if you would like something specially prepared for a special occasion, just ask!

In addition, of course, you will always find our famous Florentine steak, both freshly-cut and vacuum-packed.

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